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The History of the Mirror Shot

One of the first portfolio shoots I sold way back when was a cross dressing artist who performed in NYC. Just before the shoot started and he was done with his make up and clothing, etc, the owner of the Boutique walked into the studio, looked at my model and asked, "Who is she?". There was an old mirror that the Boutique had replaced and someone had just left in the space that became the studio. He looked at it and said, "I have an idea, I stand in front of the mirror, you lie down on the floor and shoot my reflection in the mirror". My first reaction was "yeah, right" but then I began thinking how I would light it, etc." Though not ideal, the shots came out great and he was very happy. My first portfolio client was satisfied and I kept experimenting. It's back.

Due to logistical reasons, I have to know if you want to pose in the mirror so I can get it there!

That Mirror Thing You Do