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The Sporting Life and Beyond


My Photographic Journey

I started out shooting sports in 1992 and a few years later, while working for the family business, I had a customer ask if I could help her with her Hippo ads for her newly opened lingerie boutique. The ads were so popular and the demand grew to the point we started La Cage Hotshotz. We went from hot lights to studio flashes and I trained with Maxim photographer Mike Brochu as LCH grew and the studio got bigger. My sports assignments began hotting up and eventually I had to leave the studio work behind as Icon Sportswire grew. The one thing I missed was the ability to be creative, use light to my advantage because after all, photography is all about light. Webster defines it as, "the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light onto a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor)".  I can walk into Gillette Stadium and take fabulous action images of TB12 but can't get too creative because the images our client wants are more news worthy.  I tend to leave  anything creative for my file sets of the events and not as live images during and after the game. Fast forward to fall 2017 and while I still have a heavy professional and college sports schedule, I am back in the studio, being creative, using light and more importantly collaborating on beautiful art.  Got ideas? I've worked with everything from a live wolf to shooting soccer with Drew Carry (who is an unbelieveable photographer!) to capturing Jake Gyllenhaal and be an extra filming "Stronger".  Nothing is ever crazy except my photographic journey.